Sunday, July 2, 2017

Crafty Travels

Hello my crafty peeps, I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. I've been out traveling to local scrapbook/stamp stores, plus visiting a stamp show held in Kissimmee. First my friends and I headed to Violettes Scrapbook Store in Lakeland, Florida.
The store is wonderful and I highly recommend stopping if in the area. There is so much to see, and there is literally something in every corner. Our next stop was Stampfest. They have shows in the winter and summer, which last for two days. Usually the day before the show hosts a variety of fun classes and a make n take event.
Here we look pretty and refreshed at the beginning of the event, unfortunately that couldn't be said by the time we left. Our arms were exhausted from carrying around all our goodies and my wallet was tired from being opened and closed so much! I don't know what possessed us, but we then decided to do an impromptu road trip to WhimSoDoodlein St. Petersburg, FL.
If you are a mixed media artist or enjoy scrapbooking outside the box, this is the place for you! Overall the trip was amazing. We did encounter a few hiccups along the way, torrential rain and crazy traffic, but we persevered. Now onto some crafting. Hope everyone has a great 4th of July and had a wonderful Canada Day!!


  1. Sounds like fun! Happy Canada Day to you. Have a safe & happy 4th!

  2. We had the funnest weekend! I am ready to go again...let's go down south when there is NOT a race in Daytona!