Monday, May 12, 2014

Just a Few Tips

Happy Monday Y'All!

Yea, since Rob and I live in Florida, I'm becoming a bit more southern, just a bit mind you, we're still Canadian through and through, as our home thermostat will attest too lol!
I just wanted to post this short video, which will give you some tips and tricks about using the watercolor stuff and Tombow markers...enjoy!

So in case this video isn't workin' for y'all, which it isn't even working for me, here is the link to YouTube with the video. It's quick, I promise, only 2 minutes! LOL The Creative Process


  1. Hi Jodie it's Debbie don't know if you remember me. Love your stuff always have, my question is if I can read it right I can watercolor with my tombow markers

    1. Hi Debbie, Sure I remember you. Yup, can watercolor with Tombow markers. They are water soluble, so when water is applied you can blend them out to create a "watercolor" look!

    2. I will give it a try. I have just started playing with watercolors I have been using my distress markers but they just don't have the bright vibrant colors I like